PIERCE, Neb. -- Multiple fire and rescue units responded to an accident scene near the Highway 81/92 junction Friday evening, diverting traffic toward alternate routes for several miles.

No details were immediately available regarding the cause of the crash or the severity of any potential injuries, but witnesses on scene reported that LifeNet was called.

Officials on scene also reported difficulty keeping drivers from the immediate scene. Officials advised that all drivers should avoid the area, and tickets could be possible for those who do not comply.

The initial call came into authorities just before 5:30 p.m., and emergency crews were still on scene several hours later.

Pierce Fire and Rescue issued a statement via Facebook on Saturday, discussing the accident scene and the response to it.


"While most folks were courteous and understanding, we encountered an alarming amount of very impatient and irate travelers," the statement read. "We were cursed at, flipped off, and called every explicit name you can think of. Some showed some very aggressive driving as they sped away in disgust...Our goals as first responders is to ensure the safety of our people, the safety of those involved in the incident we are responding to, and the safety of those traveling the highways and roadways that these accidents occur on."

In a separate post, the department also addressed the rationale behind closing off such large portions of roadway.

"We always try to shut down and divert traffic at locations that sends traffic on highway and hard surface roads," the department stated. "This is especially critical with large trucks as a lot of our county bridges may not handle the loads they are hauling, not to mention very tight corners at mile roads."

Pierce County Fire and Rescue was initially called to support Randolph rescue crews for the accident near Wee Town. Authorities have not yet released any details about the crash that caused the delays.

This is a developing situation. Stay tuned to News Channel Nebraska for updates.