NELIGH, Neb. – A northeast Nebraska teenager accused of making terroristic threats on a school bus had his preliminary hearing pushed back to November on Wednesday.

18-year-old Koda Fernau, of Clearwater, is facing a felony terroristic threat charge, in addition to two misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace. The charges stem from alleged incidents on a Summerland Public Schools bus in September.

Antelope County Sheriff Robert E. Moore reported last month that Fernau allegedly boarded school bus on Sept. 2 and started making sexual remarks toward schoolchildren ranging in age from kindergarten to sixth grade.

Parents alerted school administration in the following days that Fernau had reportedly talked about a gun while he was on the bus on Sept. 2.

School administrators said Fernau became “very belligerent” when confronted about the reported gun statements, according to court documents. He was suspended from the school.

County officials investigating the incident alerted school administration that they were concerned about Fernau’s proximity to students based on his “anger,” court documents detailed.

A work supervisor also advised Moore that Fernau had been fired after he allegedly made comments about threatening to commit a shooting on a school bus. Fernau’s second disturbing the peace charge was related to the evening on which he was fired, court documents state.

Fernau is next due for a preliminary hearing on Nov. 2 in Antelope County Court.