WAYNE, Neb. --  Two northeast Nebraska colleges are forming a partnership to help college students.

Wayne State College and Little Priest Tribal College in Winnebago formed three new agreements to help college students to earn bachelor's degrees.

The agreement lets students at Little Priest Tribal College take 60 credits and then earn their degrees in either biology, chemistry or elementary education in two years at Wayne State College.

Marysz Rames, the president of Wayne State College, told News Channel Nebraska why this partnership between both schools is important for northeast Nebraska.

"I think we're a really good partner. We are close to their home base, our price is affordable, and we're going to provide that next level quality of education," Rames said. "They are going to be able to stay close to their families and communities. So I think it's just a great partnership for northeast Nebraska."

"This agreement is going to really help the students from Winnebago, Nebraska. Agreements like this make student's lives better," said Manoj Patil, the president of Little Priest Tribal College. "I appreciate what Wayne State is doing for us and we want to continue working with them."

Wayne State College and Little Priest Tribal College have a similar partnership for business majors that saw seven students graduate last year.