NORTHEAST NEBRASKA -- Election Day has taken over the state with Nebraskans heading to the polls to decide the outcome of numerous races.

Poll workers were up nice and early this morning to set up their polling locations, but one thing we might not think about when we head out to vote is, how safe are our poll workers?

Deb Finn, the Wayne County Clerk, told News Channel Nebraska that the county does extensive work in making sure that poll workers are protected.

"I don't feel like we've had a risk at this time," Finn said. "We take a lot of steps here at the courthouse and at the polls to protect the ballots, to protect our poll workers, and to make sure everything is taken care of and secure."

Finn added that Tuesday was one of the busiest Election Days Wayne County has seen.

61% of mail-in ballots that were sent out to rural voters had been turned in and voters lined up outside polling locations this morning before heading inside to cast their ballots.

She added that she doesn't expect any problems for the rest of the day

"In northeast Nebraska, we are still looking out for each other. We are still taking care of each other. We are still proud of who we are. We still think things through before we take action," Finn said. 

Norfolk has also seen a busy day.

By 10:00 a.m., more ballots were cast in this election than in the May primary.

Dennis Miller, a poll worker in Norfolk, said that he and his fellow poll workers had no problems with security and felt safe.

He had a message for Nebraskans on why they should vote.

"I believe it's important because the more people that participate in our democracy, in our electoral process, the more likely we are to get a pulse of what actually is the people's will," Miller said.