BATTLE CREEK, Neb. -- On Thursday, the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District (LENRD) was given an update on the Battle Creek watershed.

FYRA Engineering was tasked by the LENRD to research alternative methods to prevent flooding in the city of Battle Creek.

The current proposal is a three-dam option presented by JEO Consulting. However, some landowners in the region felt other projects should be considered before committing to a dam.

This is where FYRA stepped in, using a modeling system to simulate the effectiveness of each proposal.

While FYRA was not at the meeting, LENRD General Manager Mike Sousek gave a brief update on the study.

"Initially the modeling is showing that there is potentially a project there for retention cell," Sousek said. "They were still crunching some of the numbers...putting numbers, estimates, cost-benefit ratio. It looks like if things are going the way they are there may be a potential to eliminate one or two of the structures up in the watershed. It's looking positive that there might be an opportunity to incorporate a different project into that."

Sousek said FYRA should have all the numbers of the potential project during their next meeting. Because Thursday was a committee meeting no action was taken by the LENRD.

FYRA will present its analysis of the Battle Creek watershed at the LENRD's next meeting on Nov. 22.