WAYNE, Neb. -- Rice Auditorium is expected to be filled to the brim come Friday as seven different teams travel to Wayne State College to compete in the central region of the 2022 NCAA Women’s Division II Volleyball Championships.

The last time Wayne State hosted an NCAA event was a decade ago when they hosted regionals for women’s basketball.

Sports Information Director, Mike Grosz said he and his team weren’t surprised that the regional tournament was selected in Wayne.

“We’ve been planning a couple of weeks in advance,” Grosz said. “We had already done a lot of pre-planning because we knew with only four or five days from the selection show Sunday night to the tournament starting Friday that we were going to have a lot of stuff thrown at us.”

The tournament will be an NCAA event and there are a lot of things to be done to make that happen.

“Even though we are a host, this is an NCAA event," Grosz said. "It’s not a Wayne State event. All of our corporate logos and sponsors and the things we normally have on our video boards and our walls, those can not be displayed.”

There are even some oddly specific things the NCAA makes hosts do to ensure the event will be played there. 

“Years ago when we hosted women’s basketball regionals, at that time we were a Pepsi campus,” Grosz said. “The official sponsor beverage for NCAA is coke. We did switch here to Coke on Wayne State campus a couple of years ago [but] those are some of the things you have to overcome and deal with when it’s an NCAA event.”

Grosz said he’s been working tirelessly but luckily come Friday, he’ll have a ton of help.

“You want to have enough workers because there are four games on Friday, then you got the semi-finals on Saturday, and the championship match Sunday” Grosz said. “We’ve had great support from the community. People wanted to help. We have a great group of student workers.”

The teams traveling to play in Rice Auditorium will be staying in Norfolk, not Wayne.

They’ll then make the trip to Wayne on the day of their matches, though Wayne restaurants say they are expecting an uptick in business this weekend.