NORFOLK, Neb. -- "It's a selfless act. You bring the toys in, you bring the gifts in. The kids open them, they're ecstatic," said Colten DeLong, the new car sales manager at Norfolk Auto Center. "We know they're going to be ecstatic. So it's that selfless feeling of giving back to the kids."

A northeast Nebraska car dealership is helping give back to the community during the holiday season.

Norfolk Auto Center is holding its annual Truck of Toys event for the 15th year.

The dealership is asking the public to donate toys that will go into a pickup truck at the dealership.

"Whether we like it or not, there are a lot of people in this town that can't afford to give their kids the presents that they really deserve on Christmas," DeLong said. "Sometimes we take for granted some of the kids who don't have those great Christmases. So this is a way to give back so the less fortunate have something to smile about on Christmas morning."

Once the truck is full, toys will be taken to the Salvation Army.

DeLong said that in the past, the dealership has filled two or three trucks in a matter of weeks.

New or gently used toys are being accepted for children between one and 15 years old.

All toys must be unwrapped.

Major Kelli Trejo, the Corps officer with the Salvation Army in Norfolk, told News Channel Nebraska that the program means a lot to parents around northeast Nebraska.

"The opportunity for a parent to realize that when they weren't able to provide, that somebody in the community provide for them, is just awesome. They get the opportunity to prepare to give it to their child to that they are remembered at Christmas," Trejo said. "I get tears. I get opportunities to be able to see joy, even just astonishment."

Trejo said the program will help 350 children throughout northeast Nebraska.

Donations will be taken until December 10th.