NORFOLK Neb. -- With construction ongoing in Norfolk, some temporary changes are being made to the city's streets.

On Monday, the City of Norfolk approved an ordinance and one resolution, which is intended to improve safety in areas of the city. Due to the construction taking place on the First St. Bridge, traffic has become condensed in areas of Norfolk.

This has posed a safety concern for first responders, who need to navigate the area in open spaces in case of an emergency. The city will attempt fix this by implementing temporary changes to North Cottonwood St., East Prospect Ave., North Cottonwood, and East Nebraska Ave.

Parking will be restricted on the east side of North Cottonwood St. from East Norfolk Ave. to East Prospect Ave. The south side of East Prospect Ave. will be a no-parking zone from North First St. to North Cottonwood St.

Stop signs will be put in to control east and westbound traffic at the intersection of North Cottonwood and East Nebraska Ave. Westbound traffic will be controlled at the intersection of North Cottonwood St. and East Braasch Ave. with stop signs as well.

These changes will be lifted when the North First St. and bridge construction is complete.