NORFOLK, Neb. -- Employees in the Norfolk Public School District will be seeing some changes made to their pay.

On Monday, the NPS Board of Education approved multiple increases in the amount of 4.47% to total packages for all hourly staff, non-supervisory staff, salaried classified staff, district nurses, and district administrators.

A 4.47% increase was also given to substitute teacher rates, as well as a 4.47% total package increase and contract for the superintendent for 2023-24 through 2025-26.

Dr. Bill Robinson, the associate superintendent of business, maintenance, and facilities at NPS explained what a total package means.

"When we say 'total package' that includes taxes, retirement, benefits, all costs," Robinson said. "When you're in public schools it's all costs, not just wages."

Robinson said there are many reasons for this increase besides inflation.

School districts are put into a raise by a Nebraska state statute or a comparability rate, which requires districts by law to be within 95% of midpoint, which the district was getting close to being out of.

The competition was another factor, Robinson said potential staff hires left for other locations with better pay.

All of these increases were approved with a 6-0 unanimous vote.