OMAHA, Neb. -- A Nebraska Republican leader is rescinding his support current GOP chair Ronna McDaniel in her attempts to claim a fourth term.

In an email obtained by News Channel Nebraska, Nebraska GOP chair Eric Underwood said he was pulling his support for McDaniel for the national position.

"Over the last several weeks I have watched an ever growing divide between the 168 members of the RNC & now, even moreso, Republicans across the nation," Underwood's letter read. "From internal emails, to social media, text messages to phone calls, as well as national media, we are seemingly jockeying for leverage, position, & status."

Underwood himself moved into his position in a dramatic turn of events at the Nebraska GOP state convention in July, replacing then-chairman Dan Welch, representing a significant shift from a party largely centered around Gov. Pete Ricketts. Underwood sent his letter to the 168 members of the RNC.

He encouraged members of the RNC to "turn inward to your states or territories and work with volunteers and voters at the local level."

Underwood said he will bring the question of RNC leadership to a vote of elected members of the Nebraska Central Committee at its January meeting. He said he would not provide further comment on his letter.