NORFOLK, Neb. -- Even if just for a few shoppers, some stores here in Norfolk stayed open despite weather conditions of wind chills and extreme gusts outside to stay open in order for shoppers around Nebraska to still be able to get late Christmas shopping done.

"We've had some people call from Columbus and they're coming in today," said Sixpense owner, Portia Becker. I think that you're going to get the normal people who have kind of put off things at the last minute to come in. They're going to be out no matter what."

Along with caring for last-minute customers, store owners must also care for their safety as well as their staff's, especially in harsh weather conditions.

Wind chill warnings have been issued over Madison county prompting schools' closures and other businesses to close for a period of time.

But, Fashion 360 owner, Amanda Wegner, said they try to be open as much as possible, but when safety is a concern, they typically close.

"It affects all of us, but if it's not safe we won't be here, but we sure try to be," said Wegner.

Both stores expect more late shoppers to make visits as Christmas is days away.

Sixpense and Fashion 360 offer an array of gifts to choose from to give to your loved ones, especially for those of you on a time crunch for the holidays.