NORFOLK, Neb. – Northeast Nebraska authorities are searching for a suspect they believe broke into an apartment used for corporate stays, leaving several personal items, including a sex toy and a riding crop.

On Dec. 6, officers were called to a building on Norfolk Avenue. The building was used for employees who travel for Vulcraft, with one such employee noticing at the building appeared to be in use upon his arrival.

Norfolk Police officers reportedly heard a microwave go off as they were going up the stairs to the apartment, but did not find a suspect. According to a court affidavit, officers stated they believed a suspect exited through a window before their arrival.

Authorities reported finding several items in the apartment, including clothing, a sex toy, a riding crop and an adult magazine.

The employee who intended to use the apartment told police that he had last been in the apartment.

Police officials sent some of the retrieved items to the Nebraska State Patrol to test for DNA.

After testing, NSP said the DNA on the objects belonged to 38-year-old Dennis Sheaks, who had no known affiliation with the apartment.

An arrest warrant was filed Friday for Sheaks. He has not yet been located or taken into custody.

Madison County Court Judge Michael L. Long set bond for Sheaks’ pending arrest at $50,000, with 10% due for release.