NORFOLK, Neb. -- The Fairfield Inn and Towneplace Suites by Marriott has finally opened its doors to the people and visitors of Norfolk, welcoming their first guests for an upscale stay Tuesday.  

"We've got some stuff on the books for tonight, we've got some groups coming in, and we're going to be really busy this summer with lots of events going around town," said Ryne Hoffart. "So, I think it's picking up well, and obviously being open now, people are going to be calling and getting online a lot more to see what we're all about." 

Jeff and Ryne Hoffart are not new to the hotel industry as they have several other properties but this new addition is their first Marriott project. 

The father-son duo says Norfolk is home, and when researching a location for their new project, they determined the city was in need for upper-scaled rooms, extended stays, and more space for out of town visitors. 

"Well, I think the biggest part is that now it gives us more rooms in Norfolk, where people don't have to go stay in Yankton or Columbus, or Sioux City, or wherever," said Jeff Hoffart. "So, it just gives us more opportunity to bring bigger events to Norfolk, to fill the other hotels and to help out whatever we're doing in town." 

The dual-brand hotel also stands out with its modern style fitness room, indoor pool for swimmers despite the weather, a fireplace in the patio, amongst the many other amenities offered. 

But the latest feature offered is its "Something Borrowed" program." 

"We have something really cool called the something borrowed program," said Ryne Hoffart. "People are able to come down to the desk and borrow basically anything you need that you wouldn't be able to carry with you in a suitcase, anything from a rice cooker to a crockpot, all the way down to board games and playing cards." 

The opening comes after years of start and stop construction with problems due to the Covid-19 pandemic and some supply chain issues. 

But, after seeing the finished product, the Hoffarts are most excited for all, especially those who are loyal to the Marriott brand. 

"The guests," said Jeff Hoffart. "We have so many good guests at all our locations, but it'll be neat seeing the different guests." 

And, with the new location becoming part of the Norfolk landscape, Jeff and Ryne plan to continue the family business, bumps and all. 

"99% of the time it's great, but we're just like anybody else," said Jeff Hoffart. "Every now and then we'll have a little collide, but we work really well together as partners and friend. So, it's really cool."