PENDER, Neb. -- Riding an eight-game winning streak and currently sitting at 13-1 on the season, the Pender Pendragons are humming along under head coach Jason Dolliver and a talented lineup featuring two of his daughters.

Several key players spoke to the consistency and teamwork the Pendragons have displayed so far this season that has allowed the team to rise to the top of News Channel Nebraska's most recent C-2 rankings.

"We don't care who scores the ball, who is leading in the stats," said junior Avery Wegner. "We all play as one. All we care about is the score under Pender at the end of the games."

"We've got to embrace the grind because you basketball's a very long season, and it kind of gets long here and there with all the activities we're in," senior Lillie Timm said. "So [Coach Dolliver] just kind of keeps us motivated every day and keeps us going, just making sure that we are staying prepared for these big games."

Two key players available to Dolliver come from inside his own house.

Sisters Maya and Madalyn Dolliver spoke to NCN about their unique relationship with each other on the floor, and in the locker room under their father as head coach. 

"It's very nice to play for my dad," Maya said. "I've been playing for him a long time. Bringing that into high school, I was really excited."

"It's really great," Madalyn said of her connection with her sister. "We connect really well on the court, find each other when we need to."

Their coach and dad shared the same sentiment about coaching his daughters, with the occasional caveat.

"Sometimes I don't know if they love it or not, and sometimes I'm not sure if I love it or not," Coach Dolliver said. "In the end, it's great time that I get to spend with my kids, and I love every second of it."

Pender will take on the ninth-ranked Patriots from Clarkson/Leigh Saturday, Jan. 14, at 2 p.m. The game can be viewed live on News Channel Nebraska.