NORFOLK, Neb. -- The Norfolk Arts Center's newest exhibit on display is a a dual artist created work called "Temporary Monuments."

John McCaughey, of Rhode Island, and Lisa Wicka, of Wisconsin, knew of each other artistically on social media, but met for the first time to collaborate on this exhibit fusing Lisa's precision with John's free-standing technique.

"You can see this beautiful differentiation between their two minds, but it's even more interesting how the colors and works still really accented each other," said Elley Coffin, Program Coordinator. "So, even though the bodies of work were built separately when they came together they just [conversated] so perfectly."

"Temporary Monuments" also features pieces that are interactive that allow for viewers to come in and get an inside look at the architectural aspects that are infused within the entire exhibit.

"It drive from architecture and architecture is something that we are surrounded by all the time, and often times we forget to be inspired by it or to see the beauty that goes into what creates architecture," said Coffin. "The way that they have taken that and reframed it in a way that's it hung on a wall just brings a new respect for us into what architecture is and how it does influence us as a people and us as a community."

The Norfolk Arts Center also wanted to shine a light on art from different places in the country to show a new perspective of life.

"So, if we only stay within the state, we're missing such a huge scope of artwork that's available to us as humans," said Coffin. "Just to see their lives portrayed in a way that we don't experience is something that is so special and that's the point of art is to offer new perspectives and new experiences to individuals."

The "Temporary Monuments" exhibit will continue to show for free public viewing until February 22 with all of its pieces up for sale.

The Norfolk Arts Center plans to continue to outsource for art, and plans to have an exhibit later in the year which will showcase international artists and pieces.