NORFOLK, Neb. -- Tuesday night saw a much-wanted update to the North Fork Area Transit.

Speaking on behalf of NFAT on Tuesday was Corinne Donahue, who provided some information on what has happened with the public transit service since their ex-director was discovered to have allegedly embezzled over $740,000. Donahue said the main focus is to raise money so they can get out of their deficit and get buses back on the roads after ceasing operations on Jan. 6. 

"We know we need at least $600,000 just to get us dug out of the hole and to get services on the road," Donahue said. "If we get a large donor providing service, we could have service back in five days."

Donahue said before operations can be considered, certain obligations have to be met including payment to their employees and any debts owed to vendors. It also is dependent on how fast donations come in, giving no clear time of when the service would be operational again. 

When it comes to making sure something like this doesn't happen again, Donahue said preventative measures have been put in place. This includes changes to the volunteer board like outsourcing finances to a local certified public accountant firm, requiring all checks to be signed by the board, having weekly board meetings, and providing updates as requested by the city, counties, and sponsors.