MEADOW GROVE, Neb. -- Authorities in northeast Nebraska are looking for the person who they say dumped and wasted several hunted animals near Meadow Grove. 

Nebraska Conservation Office Jonathan Andreasen said the animals were dumped and not harvested. There were three deer, two ducks, a quail, a raccoon and a badger. 

The deer were field dressed, but the edible meat was not removed. While the raccoon and badger are animals that are not hunted for meat, but for fur, they were considered to be littered. 

The wanton waste is the major issue in this case, Andreasen said. Wanton waste is when there is edible meat wasted on an animal.

Andreasen said there wasn't anything taken off of these animals. 

The dumping of the game is considered littering and a Class 3 misdemeanor. Nebraska State Statute 37-507 is the Wanton Waste Statute, and the Nebraska State Statute 28-523 is the Littering Statute.

A big part of going hunting and fishing is being able to enjoy the meat of game animals harvested, said Andreasen.

"From my experience as a Conservation Officer, true sportsmen and women get most upset when people needlessly waste animals," said Andreasen. 

Hunters and fishers are required to use all of the edible meat. 

The Nebraska Game and Parks has two different programs that help hunters get meat to those who need it, including Hunters Helping the Hungry and The Deer Exchange

Hunters Helping the Hungry allows hunters to donate whole, field dressed deer to participating processors. 

The Deer Exchange allows a hunter to privately donate deer meat to individuals. 

Those who have information on the recent case are asked to contact Jonathon Andreasen at 402-340-3981 or [email protected]

Another contact is Nebraska Wildlife Crime Stoppers 800-742-7627 or online

The QR code on the Wanted Information post can be scanned to bring you to the website.