FREMONT, Neb. -- Coriahnn Gallatin is Fremont's freshman phenom. In his first high school season, the point guard is averaging over 17 points per game and broke the school record for three-pointers in a season.

“Everyone for a long time has been waiting for Coriahnn to play for the Fremont Tigers,” said head coach Mark Williams.

But the last name on that record will stay the same, because Gallatin is a name familiar to the Fremont faithful. Coriahnn’s father Cody, who graduated in 1999, had set the record back during his high school career.

“Sixty-one was the record,” Cody Gallatin said. “I joke with him a lot that with the way the game is played today, if he gets above 85-90 then its maybe comparable.”

Cody’s record, 61 which stood for over 20 years was eclipsed during Fremont’s game against Lincoln Southeast back on Jan. 27. As of Feb. 4 Coriahnn now has 65 three pointers, with four games left on the schedule to pad his lead.

“For it to be my own dad's record, it's pretty cool to be able to break that,” Coriahnn Gallatin said. “But I’d much rather have wins.”

Despite breaking the record, there’s a lot more on deck for Coriahnn’s high school career. At 3-15 on the season, this was a growing year for Fremont, and he has his sights set on goals for upcoming basketball seasons.

“I want to get to the state tournament,” he said.

Through a rough first season, it can be difficult to stay focused on long term goals, but his work ethic helps keep him grounded according to Cody Gallatin.

“He just continues to get better,” he said. “It's his work ethic that sets him apart.”

The sky is the limit for the freshman. And the only thing he might not win with the Fremont Tigers, is the Gallatin household bragging rights.

“He still can't guard me!” Cody Gallatin said.