NORFOLK, Neb. -- A 21-year-old Neligh woman was arrested for a DUI and drug charge after a single-vehicle accident in Norfolk on Tuesday. 

The Norfolk Police Division said that, they along with Norfolk Rescue, responded to the accident at the intersection of E Benjamin Ave. and N Victory Road around 7:50 p.m.

NPD Officers said when they arrived they found the vehicle stuck in the ditch; and the driver was initially unresponsive to the responding officers, but they woke her up. 

The driver was identified by authorities as 21-year-old Jordan Knievel of Neligh. 

When speaking with Knievel, the NPD officer reported an open bottle of alcohol in the vehicle, and that he could smell alcohol coming from her. 

Officials said that Knievel was evaluated by Norfolk Rescue, but she was not transported for any injuries. 

NPD Officers said they then requested she submit to field sobriety maneuvers and a preliminary breath test.

Knievel reportedly refused to complete either test, so police placed her under arrest, according to NPD. 

At the jail, NPD said she refused to walk into the jail and was uncooperative with the chemical breath test by kicking the officer who was administering it. 

Police said that she was unable to complete the breath test, and was taken to a cell. 

NPD said that during this process, she hit an officer in the face with a closed fist. 

Authorities searched her purse, during which they found a small metal container that tested positive for cocaine. 

Knievel was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, refusal to submit to a preliminary breath test, refusal to submit to a chemical test, assault on a police officer, obstructing a peace officer and possession of a controlled substance. 

NPD said she was housed in the Norfolk City Jail and later transferred to the Madison County Jail.