LINCOLN, Neb. -- A total of 13 subdistrict games were moved or delayed due to the winter storm that swept across several parts of Nebraska Thursday morning.

Jon Dolliver, assistant director in charge of basketball at NSAA, said his organization relies on constant communication with school leaders to ensure the best decision for the status of each game is made.

"We leave that up to local school administrators to make the decision on whether they're going to play the game that night," he said.

Dolliver said that much of the headache for the delays is rescheduling officials.

"When you move it to another night some of those officials may have had another game they were working," he said. "It becomes a juggling act."

The NSAA will continue to monitor the weather throughout the week, but do not expect the current cancellations to impact the schedule into the district or state finals.

"We don't anticipate anything with the girls district finals to be changed," he said. "The boys window is a lot tighter if we were to lose another day (due to weather)."

In case more weather does hit, the NSAA said they remain ready to adjust to the decisions made by all school administrations.

"Schools have those decisions to make, and they always make the right decision," he said.