NORFOLK, Neb. -- Friday night saw the conclusion to US92's 2023 Radiothon fundraiser for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The station was able to raise $260,652, with some last minute donations, to help fight childhood cancers affecting the patients of St. Jude. The announcement was met with a loud celebration from the radiothon's staff and volunteers, who has spent the last 48 hours asking for donations across Northeast Nebraska.

"The best thing is we got a ton of Partners in Hope," radio host Caelan Debban said at the event. "It's something to celebrate and a big thank you to everybody who helped out...this was all because of you and our community."  

To try and get donations Debban and other radio hosts put their bodies and dignity on the line, rewarding listeners with entertaining events should they reach an hourly goal.

"I got pied in the face today...I had to eat Takis and ghost pepper sauce...but we're not the warriors," Debban said. "It's the kids right now that are down in Memphis, Tennessee that are truly fighting for their lives, so this is for them."

US92's DJ L.A. said these donations will go directly back into St. Jude, guaranteeing parents of patients will not have to see a bill after treatment. 

"St. Jude for the radio station is huge," she said. "It's our way that we give family ever sees a bill. When you get the worst news on the worst day of your life...and you're looking at potentially having to bury a child and St. Jude comes in and says 'no way'... that's amazing...super, super amazing. St. Jude provides hope."

US92 has held the radiothon annually since its start in 2001. The station says they aim to raise even more next year.