WEST POINT, Neb. -- Lynsi Steed-Lell is the owner of Red Door Coffee in West Point providing the small town of almost 3,500 people with a nice roast coffee and a sweet treat for the side.

Red Door Coffee has been in business since 2017, but Steed-Lell purchased the business three years ago from its original owners.

Originally from Sioux City, Steed-Lell said that it was her love for baking that started her baking journey leading her to West Point.

"Just something that I have always enjoyed doing since I got my very first easy bake oven for Christmas one year, I was hooked.," said Steed-Lell. "I learned all the tricks I could from grandmas."

Steed-Lell said after solely baking at home, she expanded to selling her treats to others because her husband was diabetic and couldn't eat them.

But she said that in order to make it a successful business, she had to merge the idea of a bakery with the coffee shop.

"Because our community is so small, a custom bakery wouldn't stand alone in a brick and mortar, so when this opportunity came up, I snagged it up and bought this and integrated my custom bakery into it," said Steed-Lell.

Steed-Lell said that she has plans to expand Red Door Coffee to small communities around West Point.

Her love for community and connecting with customers has made a difference in her business and customers are welcome to sign their names in the customer book to document their time there.

And Steed-Lell said that despite the challenges if anyone wants to achieve something, go after it.

"If you find something you love to do, do it, just do it. It might be hard, it might seem impossible, but it's not," said Steed-Lell. "It's not impossible, and it's going to be hard, but it's all doable."

Steed-Lell believes that the town of West Point loves it's small businesses and supports them to succeed.