NORFOLK, Neb. -- "At the start of every competition, it's usually like an adrenaline rush," Kolby Nielsen said.

The Lutheran High Northeast Quiz Bowl team are champions after they placed first in competition against their rivals, the Norfolk Senior High School, in February.

But as they prepare to keep up the momentum, the senior members reflect on how even though the wins give validation to their hard work, it's the time they spend together that's the best.

"I think it's just hanging out with all of our friends, because most of the people we've been with for a long time are smart like us," Nielsen said. "And when we joined the team, it is just fun to hang out with people outside of school."

"It's definitely nice to be able to celebrate that kind of accomplishment with all the guys," William Bryant said.

During practices, the team goes over previous quiz bowl questions to sharpen their knowledge and brush up on the fundamentals of game play for newer members.

Phil Carlson, Lutheran High Northeast's science teacher, has been with the quiz bowl team for over 15 years and said that it's great for the team to get highlighted for their intellectual abilities.

"It's a good way to help them get an opportunity to shine, to share their skills on a stage that otherwise is usually just inside of a classroom, and get some accolades for that," Carlson said.

Despite the pressure the team puts on itself, they always manage to focus and stay in the zone during competitions.

Carlson said that it's great to see them have the drive and intrinsic desire to learn and have fun answering questions.