WAKEFIELD, Neb. -- A theatre in northeast Nebraska is putting on a performance of a popular comedy this weekend.

The Little Red Hen Theatre in Wakefield is performing the production of "The Play That Goes Wrong."

It's a classic that has been performed several times on Broadway and in London's West End since its premiere in 2012.

The play is about a group of actors who decide to create a play, but only mayhem ensues.

"It includes set pieces falling, actors falling on stage, people having to fill in, people forgetting lines," said Adam Goos, the managing director of the theatre. "If you're somebody that has done shows or been to shows then anything you could imagine going wrong with a live theatre performance happens in this show."

Goos said he thinks it is one of the funniest and most entertaining shows the theatre will be putting on this year.

He added that he and the staff have enjoyed rehearsing and creating the stage.

Goos told News Channel Nebraska how everything will go wrong this weekend.

"There's pieces of the set that fall off of the walls, that need to be put back on the walls, there's things that come through the walls,  things that drop," he said. "So we incorporate a lot of magnets and people pulling things backstage to make things go wrong. Actors appear through set walls. We have some walls, believe it or not, that fall down in the middle of production."

Goos said the production is the perfect play for those who aren't typically interested in watching theatre. 

"We wanted to present a really great comedy for our community for this part of our season. So, we chose that specifically because as I've said the play is hilarious and really enjoyable," he said. " If you're somebody who doesn't like theatre, it's even more fun because you get to see how everything would go wrong."

Show dates are March 17, 18, and 19.

For more information on how to purchase tickets, visit this link or call the theatre at 402-287-2818.