MADISON, Neb. -- EPIC option, which hopes to eliminate a number of state taxes in Nebraska talked with Madison County commissioners Tuesday. 

Steve Jessen of the EPIC option strategy team spoke at length about the organization's hopes to replace a number of taxes with a consumption tax below 8% on service and new goods as well as an excise tax.

These taxes would be introduced in its consumption tax act, which would remove property, income, corporate, sales, and inheritance taxes in Nebraska. 

"So no taxes on necessary business inputs, no taxes on farmer's combines, no taxes on plumber's pipe wrenches," Jessen said. "What it does is stops our government agencies from just spending money and sending us a bill."

Jessen said 60% of Nebraskans pay 100% of taxes in the state.

Implementing EPIC's tax act, Jessen said would make Nebraskans "equal."

Madison County commissioner Ron Schmidt said he had an issue with that term, adding that by eliminating existing taxes could result in even more taxes for those less fortunate.

"That's one of the problems I have with this and I don't like saying it but that's veering towards left socialism...when we say everybody has to pay the same," Schmidt said. "I pay a lot of now all of a sudden this goes through, I don't have to pay those taxes. Who's going to pick them up? Somebody that's not as fortunate as I have seems to me like the people that are going to pick it up are the people that can't afford it. That really bothers me."

EPIC option will host an open house on Saturday, March 25, at the Norfolk VFW. Doors will be open from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.