NORFOLK, Neb. -- Andrea Beaudette is the proud owner of Beau and Bella Salon on Norfolk Avenue. 

"We want everyone to come in here and feel welcome and pampered, and that they have a place to go to feel that," said Beaudette. 

Beau and Bella has been in business since January after Beaudette purchased the space from a previous owner and rebranded it. 

And with 19 years of experience as a hairdresser, when the opportunity presented itself to finally run her own salon, she took it. 

Beaudette originally from the Hoskins and Winside area, said that choosing Norfolk to house her salon was the right choice because of community support and her love for the downtown area. 

"I really like being downtown. The neighbors down here have been great, they are helpful, they want you to succeed," said Beaudette. "They have really made me feel welcomed and included down here."  

Beau and Bella provides services to a variety of clientele from children to adults. 

The salon is made up of seven teammates who specialize in hair and natural nails. 

Beau and Bella Salon's team consists of Andrea Beaudette, Bobbi Dixon, Steph Polt, Jessica Rabbass, Adyson Bloomquist, Summer King, and Candice Backer. 

In the future, Beaudette wants to be able to expand their offered services. 

"Looking to expand a little bit to maybe permanent makeup, Botox, facials, and more things like that," said Beaudette. 

Beaudette said that owning her own salon has been a life-long dream ever since she found her love for the beauty industry decades ago. 

"It's really empowering," said Beaudette. "It's great to be a woman, and owning a business and having a presence in the community of Norfolk." 

Beaudette's advice to anyone wanting to have their own business is to follow your gut, and it's possible to do it as long as you put in the work.