O'NEILL, Neb. -- Authorities in northeast Nebraska arrested a 39-year-old Florida man following a high speed pursuit Saturday. 

The Holt County Sheriff's Office said that on March 11 around 5:10 p.m., Sean Podobensky, a wanted man out of Florida, was driving a stolen car from Norfolk.

Podobensky led the Sheriff's Office on a high-speed pursuit that went through O'Neill, according to the Sheriff's Office. 

Officials said a gray Chevrolet Impala was seen traveling east at a high rate of speed near Emmet.

Authorities said that when the deputy activated his lights, the car continued traveling east and increased his speed to more than 100 mph. 

The Holt County Sheriff's Office said the pursuing deputy backed off Podobensky as he went through O'Neill, but Podobensky continued going more that 80 mph. 

Officials said that Podobensky continued going east, and the pursuing deputy, along with other officers, caught up to his vehicle as he turned south on 498th Ave. at Inman. 

After turning, the vehicle continued south for seven miles before getting stuck on a minimum maintenance road. 

The Holt County Sheriff's Office said that Podobensky feld on foot and the pursuing deputy was able to arrest him within a couple of minutes. 

According to authorities, it was discovered that the vehicle Podobensky was driving was stolen a few hours before from Norfolk.

Officials said they also found out that Podobensky had an extraditable warrant out of Florida. 

Podobensky was reported taken to a local hospital to get medical clearance for issues unrrelated to the pursuit, according to the Sheriff's Office. 

Podobensky was then transferred to a hospital in Norfolk as an added precaution, according to officials. 

The Holt County Sheriff's Office said that the pursuing deputy traveled with the ambulance crew and Podobensky, and stayed at the hospital until he was cleared at 4:30 a.m. Sunday. 

Podobensky was then taken to the Madison County Jail, and held on the Florida warrant with local charges pending.