Update: 911 service was restored to Pierce County Wednesday night.

PIERCE, Neb. -- Northeast Nebraska officials said Pierce County 911 lines are experiencing an outage

Bobbi Risor, with Region 11 Emergency Management said that Pierce County is currently experiencing a 911 outage. 

This outage reportedly only affects landlines that run through Pierce Telephone Company. 

Officials said that all cell phone coverage is still connecting to 911. 

Risor said that if anyone knows someone who has LifeAlert or other emergency push-button devices that dial 911 through Pierce Telephone Company landline, and it does not connect to 911, call the Pierce County Sheriff's Office's non-emergency number: 402-329-6346.

The non-emergency number will allow callers to reach law enforcement, fire or rescue help immediately.

Officials said they are working diligently to get the 911 outage corrected with the hopes of only being down for a short period of time.