BATTLE CREEK, Neb. -- Discussions continued at the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District over Battle Creek's Watershed and Flood Preventions Operation study.

After tabling a motion that would complete its WFPO study last month, the LENRD held further discussions on the proposal. Some board members have expressed hesitancy in completing the study due to it's use of a dam.

Another concern is the over $351,000 price tag to combine the Houston Engineering and National Resource Conservation service study. 

Earlier this year the board voted to not approve a project if it requires a dam, something both studies have.

The NCRS study is a three dam proposal, while Houston Engineering is a levee and dam combination. 

Thursday night, Jay Reikofski said he would be willing to retract the anti-dam motion, if it meant completing the study at a lower price.

"We have to finish the study," Reikofski said, "I made the motion to stop looking at the dam. I'd be willing to rescind my motion, put the dam back on, finish that (NCRS) study; so we have no repercussions coming back at us to the cost of the district."

While the cost to complete the NCRS study is cheaper, the dam and levee project would be cheaper if pursued.

In the meantime, Reikofski suggested cleaning the ditch out, removing trees and widening the channel to help reduce flooding. When it comes to the city of Battle Creek itself, the situation has stayed the same: something needs to be done. 

"Our biggest goal as a to keep us from being in a flood plain," said Heath Mettlewr, Battle Creek mayor. "We've got 180 structures that could be in the flood plain if FEMA comes back, and you guys don't come up with the answer to prevent a 100 year flood."

Because Thursday's meeting was a sub-committee meeting, no action was taken. The motion to complete the WFPO study will be taken up at the LENRD's next meeting on May 25.