NORFOLK, Neb. -- An event to raise money for non-profits in northeast Nebraska is underway.

The Norfolk Area Big Give is underway until May 23, an event that aims to raise funds for over 38 non-profits.

Donations can be made online or at participating businesses. Each donor will have the option of what non-profit to donate to.

Non-profits that will receive these donations vary in their function from animal shelters all the way to healthcare and even education. 

On top of the donations going on, the Big Give will also host a number of events during the six-day donation drive.

These include fun events like happy hour, "food-o-grams" and trivia night, but also include specific fundraisers like hygiene drives.

The Big Give will keep track of their donations online, with a counter showing which nonprofit has received the most funds. For more information on the event, and to see how much has been done you can click here