NORFOLK, Neb. -- On Saturday the Norfolk Public Library foundation held a fiction-genre book sale with books stocked solely from community donations.

The foundation got the idea from a frequent book sale attendee who recommended starting a new type of sale where members of the community could find new homes for the books they love but might be finished reading.

Fiction books were donated earlier in the week by the community, and on Saturday the public could get as many books as they could fit in a bag for $5.

Susan Warneke, chairwoman of the Norfolk Public Library Foundation, said the experiment was a huge success from the start of the morning.

“This is a book sale made up of contributions from people in the community,” Warneke said. “They brought their fiction books, and we’ve got them out for sale.”

Profits from Saturday’s book sale will go toward the Norfolk library’s “story walk,” north of the facility. Warneke said the event is a win-win for both readers and community members who will use the library’s story walk area.

“We all get to the point where we say, ‘who could I give this to’ we (readers) love to pass our good reads on to someone else,” Warneke said. “It's all about sharing, thinking of others, and doing something the whole community can benefit from.”

With the popularity, the foundation is already thinking about the possibility of similar events in the future.

“We’ll have to see!” Warneke said. “Because it’s been so popular today, maybe we’ll have a non-fiction book sale sometime, or another one like this.”