NORFOLK, Neb. -- The Briggs and Barrett Project are closing their "23 Days of Giving Big for Little Lives" on Tuesday during Norfolk Area Big Give.
Briggs and Barrett is a nonprofit aimed to promote education on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome better known as SIDS and safe sleep practices for infants.
Co-Founder Allison Uecker and executive Director Brittany Melby said that one of the project's biggest initiatives is to provide families in need with Owlet Dream Socks to help protect their newborns and offer other programs to parents.
"What that does is monitor baby's oxygen and heart rate levels and it'll notify the parent in addition to safe sleep practices," said Uecker.
"We also have six other programs that Briggs and Barrett support, and so we have owlets, we have BB Crashers, Nursery of Hope, BB Kids, Myers Retreat, and Hospital Affiliations," said Melby.
Despite the need for resources such as these for parents, the project cannot meet every need due to funding constraints leading their challenge of this year's goal.
"We like to challenge ourselves and challenge the community, so this year we have a huge goal of $99,000," said Uecker.
Briggs and Barrett has been working for months within the community to gather donation for the Big Give event, collecting over 450 items to be used in the silent auction.
"And the community support has just been tremendous over the last five years. I think that it shows you what an amazing community Norfolk is, and we're not the only nonprofit in the Norfolk Area Big Give," said Melby. "There are over twenty other nonprofits that are collecting money and funds today so we just love supporting other nonprofits as well, and the community does a really good job of that."
The Briggs and Barrett Project will use all proceeds made to continue their work to help educate parents and save young lives.
All families are welcome to utilize their resources and come to their new facility located in Norfolk.