NORFOLK, Neb. -- The Madison County GOP held its general meeting Wednesday focusing on this month's main topic of the budget process for local taxing entities. 

To start the meeting, Deb Fischer's U.S. Senate Campaign Manager Derek Oden stopped by to share Fischer's stance on foreign relations, border concerns, and more. 

Guest speaker, Nebraska GOP Executive Director Dawn Liphardt followed by sharing information on the Growth Program. 

Liphardt said she has been working on the new program at the state party through the RNC to help build counties throughout the state. 

"People, like Derek, love to go to these counties and talk about Senator Fischer, and all candidates need good county party access. And so, Derek and I talk often about well this is what's happening in that county, or this chair has changed or what have you and that's important for candidates to have that strong party," said Liphardt. "When we complete that program, the state will receive and we will pass that money on, $50,000, and so we're committed to doing that." 

Norfolk City Council President Shane Clausen closed out the meeting by leading a discussion on the city's budget. 

The city's $31 million budget breaks into four sectors of sales tax, property tax, a lease by NPPD, and other revenue streams. 

Clausen noted the city's ability to meet the recommended emergency fund percentage amount from the Government Finance Office Association. 

"Well over the course of the last four or five years, maybe longer than that maybe started about 8 years ago, it was a real main focus to get that to 16%," Clausen said. "So, every year at the end of the year that's how much has not been spent, 16%. It's all been allocated, all those funds are allocated to something, they're just never spent. That's what you start your next year with, that's why they call it the beginning balance. it's more of an emergency fund, but it's a beginning balance." 

Clausen said this year's percentage decreased to 15 after paying off the bond for the admin building last year. 

The city council is now dealing with a push for more road maintenance funding.