NORFOLK, Neb. -- AquaVenture will be making a splash Memorial Day weekend reopening its doors to the public on Saturday. 

Ever since the park was built, it opens during Memorial Day weekend each year. 

The water park will be open every day of the week from 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. if the weather permits. 

Parks and Recreation Assistant Director PJ Evans said they are ready to welcome everybody back. 

"We're excited to see everybody and for people to come enjoy the beautiful water park that we have here, and we're blessed to have it and we're excited for the season to get going," said Evans. 

AquaVenture's spring and summer catalog has been released featuring different programs, such as parent and me swim lessons and more. 

"We have some swimming lessons availability still so if anybody is wanting to sign their kids up for group swimming lessons that is available on our active site," said Evans. "Session 1 just up for reminder starts on June 5th, so we're excited to get those lessons going as well, and the teachers and the staff all trained and ready to go." 

Parks and Recreation Coordinator Programmer Ron Lamie said that it's a goal to lift up recreation in the Norfolk community, and said that even adults are offered programs to enjoy. 

"We actually have an opportunity for adult swim lessons, if people are interested in signing up for anything like that. We also have our adult activities too that people can also sign up for," said Lamie. "We have adult kickball going on if people are interested in getting a team together for that. We have pickleball, all different sorts of age groups for activities." 

Eager swimmers are urged to come to the water park before its official opening to register for summer passes and learn about all of the programs offered this season. 

Swimmers can also expect to see their fan-favorite tube slides, wave pool, and more to make a splash at AquaVenture.