NORFOLK, Neb. -- Deets Furniture has transitioned into its newest generation of family leadership.

On May 1, Kyle and Maegan Deets officially became the sole owners of the furniture store after buying out Kyle's parents Ron and Sharon Deets.
After moving back to Norfolk eight years ago, Kyle Deets said that he's worked his way up through the business, as well as hand-in-hand with his father to prepare to lead the business into the future.
"You know it's kind of surreal, because I've done a lot of different positions around here. From cutting the grass to working in the warehouse, in sales, sales management, general manager, and now owner. And just kind of seeing it progress throughout the years is very exciting," said Kyle Deets. "We're introducing a lot of new technologies that help give a better service to our customers, and trying to find the coolest product that we can to bring back to northeast Nebraska, so people can have beautiful homes they're proud of."
Kyle Deets' grandparents, Martin and Norma Deets, opened Deets Furniture in 1961 in Madison, before moving it to Norfolk in 1987. 
Kyle Deets said that customers have shopped with his grandparents, parents, and him as well, making him excited to lead the company into its third generation of family-owned leadership.
"Our customers, again, have been so awesome and supportive over the years," said Kyle Deets. "Our customers are my friends, and my friends are my customers, and we are so excited to be able to continue this on into the third generation in Norfolk, Nebraska."
In order to make the transition smooth for everyone in the business, Kyle Deets said that he has talked with the staff over the last two years to prepare.
"It's been great. We wanted to make sure we had a smooth transition for our employees, our business, and our customers," said Kyle Deets. "So, a lot of people didn't even know that it happened, and I guess that's a good thing because we wanted to make sure that it was a very smooth process. We were very open and honest with all of our employees to make sure they knew what was going on throughout the whole process, just to ensure that the business has continuity as we move forward."
With its new ownership, Deets Furniture looks to continue helping customers make their houses their homes.
Kyle Deets said that he will still ask his dad for tips, as he enjoys his retirement.