MADISON, Neb. -- Travis Belina appeared for arraignment on Friday in Madison after being accused of sexually abusing minors with seven felony counts.

Belina’s counsel believed insufficient evidence was used to support finding probable cause on five of the 10 counts brought against him during the preliminary hearing on May 23.

He appeared at Madison District Court for the arraignment. The court will review the motion to "challenge the certainty and particularity of the information".

According to court documents, under two of the counts, he could be exposed to double jeopardy if he faces the charges presented.

Belina is scheduled to appear in court for a pre-trial hearing in district court on the same day and faces a separate felony charge for taking or “exercising control over movable property of another” exceeding $5,000.

Belina remains out on bond after posting 10% of $100,000 in August of 2022.