PILGER, Neb. -- Authorities in northeast Nebraska said they are investigating potential human skeletal remains that were found in Stanton County. 

The Stanton County Sheriff's Office said that Monday afternoon they were called by people swimming in the Elkhorn River southeast of Pilger, who told them they had found what appeared to be human skeletal remains. 

SCSO said they responded to the scene and recovered the partial remains. 

Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger said the Sheriff's Office will work with forensic scientists associated with the University of North Texas to determine the specifics of the remains. 

It was noted they will also try and determine if they are historic remains or from a more recent death and the cause of death. 

SCSO said that after the flooding of the Elkhorn four years ago, three partial skeletal remains were found separately in or around the Elkhorn River, by Wood Duck and Stanton. 

All of the remains were recovered by SCSO, and they were all found to be historic remains from the 19th Century, or earlier after forensic examination.