MADISON, Neb. -- The Madison County Fair and Rodeo is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, welcoming families from all over to join in on the celebration for a fun-filled week. 

The county fair will run until Sunday, July 16; featuring lots of free activities to attendees such as a corn pit, butterfly encounter and many others inspired by the anniversary. 

Along with free activities, patrons can purchase tickets to the rodeos and concert lineup for the weekend chosen by the fair's committee. 

"We have our board of 15 gets together, we talk about what we'd like to see, any change we want to make," said Linda Haack, Treasurer of the Madison County Fair Board. "Then we do have a committee that goes to put those rules into effect and then they come back and say they found Nelly and Ian Munsick."

Haack said that making it to this milestone is great, but it could not have been done without the incredible support of the community. 

"We're very fortunate. We're very excited," Haack said. "It's not a lot of county fairs that can say that they've made it to a 150 years. We're very fortunate. We have great support from the Madison County, from the surrounding counties, from the surrounding states. We're excited to celebrate 150 years and we want to share it with everybody."  

The fair will see several thousand people over its course, which Haack said vendors and the entire area benefit from the economic impact. 

Haack said that the committee will take a week off once this year's fair is complete, before starting to plan next year's.