"The Sunset Plaza is back," said Andres Sevilla, representative of Paragon Property Investment, owner of North Kings Highway who owns Sunset Plaza. 

The Sunset Plaza in Norfolk is undergoing construction to revive some of its vacant spaces making room for nationally known businesses. 

By Dec. 31, about 75,000 square feet of store space will be available to house a Kohl's and TJ Maxx. 

Sevilla said that bringing these tenants was a long-time project, but the major foot traffic and renewed energy it can bring, is worth it. 

"We knew that...there was a clear intention to have all these Class-A national tenants, and we wanted to be a part of it," said Sevilla. "So as soon as we purchased the plaza we started negotiating. It took the most part of 2022." 

After a considerable amount of demolition work done to an old department store, there is now an open area under construction to house the two new stores for years to come. 

"We have landed a deal for 10 years, and we have five consecutive options so that brings a lot of value to these tenants," said Sevilla.  

Sevilla said these new tenants will help bring other national names as well as relevance relevance to the plaza for more families to come back because they will now be offered more during their shopping experience. 

"We are aware that there's a huge population of people west of the plaza that are right now driving far east even to Omaha to shop for all the things that we're actually going to get in the plaza," said Sevilla.

Sevilla said that current tenants are excited of the new additions as they add more value to the plaza, as well as positive feedback from the community. 

Moving forward, he said they are in talks with other possible tenants to help fill other vacancies in the mall. 

Kohl's and TJ Maxx are expected to open in April of 2024.