NORFOLK, Neb. -- Burger King is planning on tearing down its restaurant on 13th St. in Norfolk and building a newly redesigned store.

“So, we are in the process of building a new restaurant on this location. Today, we went through planning and zoning to get it rezoned and replotted,” said Troy Uhlir, a Burger King Franchisee. “The location will be just to the east of the current building so that we can stay operational while the construction is going on.”

Uhlir said the cost of remodeling current building is the same as building a new store.

Burger King and the Norfolk Planning Commission are continuing to strive towards the start of construction.

“So, we’re at the point now where we need to get the zoning right and get the lot boundaries changed,” said Uhlir. “So, the next step is to start construction. Just kind of a process. It has been something that we have been working on for about a year now to put together.”

Uhlir said opening a new building can help create a new image for the store.

“I think by building a new restaurant, you definitely have a new image, a new bright clean restaurant will help from a customer’s curb appeal,” said Uhlir. “The other thing we will being doing that is part of the remodel, there will be a lot more trees and flowers. So we are hoping that this corner is a lot more beautified and looks a lot more appealing than it does currently.”

Officials are hoping to complete construction as early as December.