NORFOLK, Neb. -- "Everything is based on my history and who I am,” said Owner Jenipher Mendoza. 

L.A. Antojitos is the newest snack bar to open in downtown Norfolk bringing authentic Los Angeles street cuisine fused with Mexican roots. 

Mendoza said her love of food was her inspiration in opening the restaurant with her love spanning back to her childhood in Mexico and her early life in L.A. 

She said after moving to the Midwest, she saw the limited options in finding food true to her culture driving her to share her food. 

"I guess I share love through food,” said Mendoza. “You know being able to share my taste buds and everything that I think is delicious, and I know a couple of people haven't tasted and just put it out there for people to have more options. Diversity is key anywhere you go." 

Mendoza said that all items are made fresh each morning to ensure the best quality product, with all recipes being passed down from her mom and other family members.  

L.A. Antojitos has seen steady traffic since its opening Sunday, generating a lot of support from the public. 

"It feels good to feel welcomed and for people to have curiosity on you know your ideas, and the feedback that I get,” said Mendoza. “Some of them haven't even tasted the items, but I kind of try to explain what they are and everybody gets really excited about it and it excites me. It makes me feel like I'm going on the right path." 

Mendoza said that her menu favorites, so far, are the Aqua Frescas which help with today's heat, but some items are expected to switch change out in the winter to better suit the temperature.  

She said she hopes for continued growth in L.A. Antojitos' future as it welcomes everyone to try it out with everything offered from sweet treats to savory dishes. 

"Any big family, small family, individual, girlfriend and boyfriend, group of friends could come in here and enjoy whatever it is that fits every individual,” said Mendoza.