OMAHA, Neb. — With jousting, sword shows, and knights, visitors to Elkhorn Shores took a trip back to the sixteenth century over the weekend.

After moving the event from the spring to the late summer to avoid rainy weather, the 20th annual faire featured over 20 vendors and different forms of entertainment, including axe throwing and jousting.

Prole, Iowa native and dancer Connie Lawrance enjoys going to events like the faire and said doing leatherwork helps keep her entertained.

“Started doing this right after COVID and we had such a good time that we just do this for the summer and are having a wonderful time,” Lawrance said. “Retired to do more of this actually.”

The faire was not limited to knights as pirates, animals, and Vikings were present over the weekend.

The Olskipan Vikings from Patterson, Iowa had a living encampment at the Elkhorn Shores and Olaf explained how their tents replicate those of the Vikings.

“Our Viking tents here are built like the ancient Viking tents that would be but they’d be a lot bigger,” Olaf said. “They’d take their boats, their ships slightly apart if they were at shore. If they weren’t going to stay there, they would use their oars as the cross beams and then they would use the canvas that they had for their sail to cover the top.”

The festivities continued into Sunday with the event running until six in the evening.