NORFOLK, Neb. -- "Yup, 99 cents of every dollar donated stays in our communities," said Norfolk Area United Way Executive Director Morgan Cleveland.

The Norfolk Area United Way hosted its first Tour of Agencies to serve as a preview before its official campaign kickoff in September. 

The three-hour tour stopped to seven of the 26 agencies served by United Way to provide quick overviews of their services offered and other info to their Pacesetter companies. 

"The companies that do a lion share of the donations. They're the companies that year after year, they step up their leadership, their employees," said Pacesetter Chairman Doug Bourkink. "We encourage their involvement in United Way and involvement in these agencies. there's a lot of way that they help not just through United Way, but being involved with these agencies."  

The tour welcomed over 20 representatives from different Pacesetter companies, with the goal to help them better prepare their upcoming campaigns. 

Cleveland said that the tour was mutually beneficial as agencies could express how important donated funding is to them, and for Pacesetters to see exactly how they can help. 

"For our Pacesetter companies to see where their dollars are going and who they're serving, as well as the agencies to say thank you for we can't do what we do without you're support, and so I think it benefits both sides," said Cleveland. 

The official kickoff is set for Sept. 14 and is expected to run through the month of October. 

And for all in attendance, Cleveland said this is what she hopes was the biggest takeaway. 

"When you make a donation or give to United Way, you're investing in the whole community," said Cleveland.