NELIGH, Neb, -- By now you've likely seen the viral video of a man driving into Norfolk with a Watusi bull hanging out his window.

The two individuals seemingly broke the internet Wednesday after the story was picked up by news stations across the country and even on news stations outside of the states.

Lee Meyer and his Watusi bull, Howdy Doody, of Neligh, Nebraska were pulled over by Norfolk Police for traffic violations and given a warning.

The video captured by News Channel Nebraska went viral in about 24 hours, being talked about on every social media site.

To those unacquainted with Meyer, the sight was likely a bewildering experience, but to his wife Rhonda, it was just another outing of two best friends.

"He got him --I can't remember if it was eight or nine years ago," Rhonda told radio station US92. "He was like five or six months old when he bought him and he has just been his friend and buddy."

Rhonda told the radio station Lee takes Howdy Doody out for a walk once a week to eat grass and plants in the road ditches along the highway.

In Neligh, it seems Howdy Doody and Lee are local celebrities, appearing in parades and taking photos with those who stop to talk to them.

Their stop Wednesday, however, was out of the ordinary. Rhonda recalled the moment she learned her husband had been pulled over.

"I get a phone call at work from my son wanting to know if (his) Dad's in jail," Rhonda said. "Someone sent this (news) to him, and so yeah it just kinda went downhill from there."

Rhonda admitted she wasn't always on board with her husband's purchase, but over time Howdy Doody has become part of the family.

"The amount of money that he's spent on this whole darn project between the car and the bull I could've had a brand new kitchen," Rhonda said. 

It seems like Lee and Howdy Doody have now reached international stardom for their Wednesday joyride into Norfolk.

Since first reporting the story, News Channel Nebraska has received requests from NBC, the BBC, and other news outlets from across the world for the scoop.

Despite being pulled over, Rhonda says Lee is in good spirits and is enjoying the attention.

"Oh he's fine," Rhonda said. "Lee thinks he's a movie star." 

Rhonda says the exposure has led to a potential new event in Neligh.

"Howdy Doody Day" as Rhonda calls it would allow participants to meet the Watusi bull. Should the event become a reality, News Channel Nebraska will report on the details.

The original interview with US92 and Rhonda Meyer can be found in the video above.