NORFOLK, Neb. -- With volleyball day finishing on Wednesday night and football kicking its season off on Thursday, “Rags to Riches” hopes for the Husker hype to continue throughout the fall season.

The Nebraska specialty store has been family owned since 1977, and owner and manager Cammie Schlievert described how the business reacts to the football team.

“We live and die by the football team so when the team is playing good, business is great but when they lose…," Schlievert said.

From Nebraska shirts, mugs, and car decals, Schlievert said the business is Northeast Nebraska Husker headquarters.

On Wednesday, Memorial Stadium broke the record for attendance at a women’s sporting event with 92,003 fans showing up for Nebraska's game against the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

Schlievert said the event was amazing to watch and how fans of volleyball have become more prevalent in the store.

“Volleyball has always had its own following but I feel like more and more you’re starting to see like the younger girls and the families that go to it," Schlievert said.

Schlievert remembers last season when Nebraska took a trip to Ireland for the opening game of the season.

“Husker fans will go anywhere," Schlievert said. "They love that team, they support the team so that’s why it’s so important for them to start winning again.”

With Nebraska kicking its season off against Minnesota on Thursday night, Schlievert is hoping head coach Matt Rhule’s career starts off strong.

“Everyone is excited," Schlievert said. "I mean, it’s something new. They’re optimistic but they’re cautiously optimistic is I guess how you would say it.”

With the Huskers' season debut on Thursday night, Schievert looks forward to a Husker win and hopes the team reaches a bowl game in Rhule's first year.