NORFOLK, Neb. -- "I love being able to have the customers come in and they're looking for something and then we've got it,” said Norfolk Rescue Mission Executive Director Will Perrigan.  

The Norfolk Rescue Mission will be holding its 16th annual book sale running from Thursday until Sunday. 

Readers can stop at the Stables to shop thousands of donated books spanning over 50 different categories. 

Perrigan said having this pop up allows for readers to feel the nostalgia of shopping in a real bookstore given there aren't any in the surrounding area. 

"Book stores are closing and it's expensive to own and operate a bookstore. There's not a lot of traffic every day and the overhead is high, and so a result everything is going online,” said Perrigan. “A ton of people prefer to walk into a bookstore, smell the smell of the old books, pick them up, turn through the pages, and you can't do that when you shop online." 

The book sale has grown in size and profit over the years reaching heights of $20,000 in profit in recent years. 

For the first time in seven years prices for books this year have raised to help with costs, although children's book remains the lowest in price to make them even more available for young readers.  

"We just want to see kids fall in love with books, because books are starting to be you know a thing of the past and some kids just don't have the attention span, and so if we can get them at a young age with the picture books and then the chapter books, and then some of the juvenile and teen fiction,” said Perrigan. “Boy reading is just such a key part of their education and their development." 

The proceeds from the four-day pop up will go to funding the outreach services of the mission such as in-house-programming and more.  

In order to clear inventory and make quick profit, Sunday's final hours will be bag sale only, meaning once you a buy a bag at the door any books you can fit in it are yours.  

"Because ultimately, we're a rescue mission, we're not a bookstore and this is just an ‘ani’ event to help support our mission and our mission is to reach out into the community and take care of folks that are struggling either with homelessness or drug or alcohol addiction or both or all of the above," said Perrigan.   

The book sale will also feature a silent auction featuring treasures such as first edition copies and more. 

"It's like walking into Barnes & Nobles as a pop up for a weekend," said Perrigan.