NORFOLK, Neb. -- King's Lanes is snapping Norfolk back to reality, or more like virtual reality with the completion of their recent renovations.

The Bowling Alley has added 20 new arcade games, 12 holes of mini-golf, and a new VEX Solutions VR system.

General Manager Carter Olson said since the addition of the new games, the arcade has seen a lot of people come through the doors this summer.

"The traffic has gone up quite a bit. This was our busiest summer we've had since I've been here since 2007," he said. "It's been quite popular. The hot weather, people want to get out of the heat sometimes, we have more to offer now this summer. Our customers can come in and have a little fun with their kids and get out of the heat for a little while."

Renovations included taking out multiple bowling lanes, a restroom, and creating a hallway that leads to the movie theater next door.

Despite less lanes, Olson said that the number of bowling leagues and bowlers has increased.

He also said the new VR system is one of its kind and the only one in the state and around the Midwest. 

"It's a 20x20 arena and it's untethered which means as you are playing the VR, you are not attached to anything and you have a visor on. You'll have a haptic vest on and controllers, but it is free roam which means you are not limited from moving around," Olson explained. "You can play up to six people at once. There's zombie games, archery, cooking games. They're all really great and also some great team-building games."

The arcade now has a total of 40 games which include coin pushers, crane games, and a special Minecraft game only found in arcades.

Olson added that he is looking at a possible third renovation to help bring even more family entertainment to Norfolk.

"We've been able to add something to the community which was lacking. There really wasn't entertainment or family-oriented entertainment like this here before," he said. "We couldn't do it if there wasn't a need for it. There was a need for this in Norfolk."

And after a fun day of playing games, tickets can be exchanged for a wide variety of prizes.