OSMOND, Neb. -- Dating back as far as the 1920s; these collector items are going up for auction at the Aschoff Auction in Osmond, Nebraska.

The items were all once owned by Norfolk native Richard Schultz. 

Joe Aschoff, the owner of Aschoff Auction and Ag Land Reality is hosting the estate sale, as he recollects his time knowing Schultz. 

“He was a very unique guy; very personable and fun to talk to and ‘get to know’ kind of guy,” Aschoff said. “He came to me one day and wanted to have a car auction and that is how our relationship really started. Richard just passed away, so now we are selling the rest of Richard’s estate.”

Friday, Sept. 15 and Saturday, Sept. 16 are the days that the auction will take place. When it came to gathering the thousands of items, Aschoff says it took a lot of work. 

“It was a huge undertaking,” Aschoff said. “It took a lot of planning. It took a lot of people. We ended up loading a 153 foot drive-in trailer, another 48 foot drive-in trailer, several livestock trailers and several car trailers of everything that you see here.”

From World War I army helmets to old bottles of soda, Schultz’s life-long collection has something for everyone.

“Richard had an eye for just about everything,” Aschoff said. “He was that kind of a guy.”

Schultz worked on the road for a career. Aschoff said that oftentimes while he was driving, he would spot something he liked. He would then proceed to pull over and start up a conversation with the owner before eventually offering to buy it. 

“This man, with everything that he had put together, he had to bring something home everyday,” Aschoff said. 

One of the big-ticket items that is being offered at the auction are the old marquee letters from the Granada Theater that was originally built in 1927. 

“Those letters are drawing a lot of people in because most people remember the Granada Theater downtown,” Aschoff said. “We have two sets of letters.”

Aschoff also took the time to show some of the other spectacular items that are going up for auction.

“Lot number 17 is going to be these 1908 leather license plates,” Aschoff said. “That I believe was up over $300 on that right now.”

“These are Model A and Model T steering wheels that Richard had in his collection,” Aschoff said.

“They are from all over,” Aschoff said. “The Columbus Brewing Company, the box from Columbus Brewing Company, an old stamp machine, just all kinds of neat things and of course the Granada emblem.” 

“This train they used to put out for kids to play on and this is the real deal,” Aschoff said “This is when mom and dad would go to the theater, the kids would actually sit on here and hand crank this train and pull each other around.” 

The auction will be held on Friday, Sept. 15 at 3:00 pm and Saturday, Sept. 16 at 9:00 am.