COLUMBUS, Neb. -- "I've had women cry in my chair because they just feel beautiful," said Owner Nicole Lindhorst. "They can see what I'm seeing, and it's just that slight change in just choosing a different color to wear." 

London-based beauty business House of Colour has made its way to northeast Nebraska to help everyone find their best style. 

In Columbus, Lindhorst offers a unique shopping experience for customers to undergo the process of finding their style season based on their features and other information. 

The styling technique goes back 30-plus years, formulated in science by exploring what colors best highlight a customer's features, down to clothes and even jewelry. 

"Then you'll also notice the metals are different," Lindhorst said. "So, if you're warm and you have yellow undertones that gold metal, which is yellow, looks better against your skin, and then silver, which is blue-based, looks better down here. So as a winter, wearing silver jewelry just looks more rich and expensive on me. If I wear gold, it just looks a little bit more like junk, like plastic. So it's fun to break that down." 

Lindhorst said she has been running this branch of House of Colour for three years, but has been running her clothing store BeYOUtiful Boutique and Gifts since 2017 when she started in her basement.  

After moving into the storefronts in 2021, she sectioned her boutique into four sections, matching the seasons, allowing customers to shop in their designated season. 

While the process could take from one hour to three, Lindhost said that helping women feel empowered is the best part.  

"My biggest goal in all the things that I do is empowering women, and I love being able to have somebody come into my chair who maybe is just not feeling their best, you know maybe they've put on some weight, maybe they're getting older, maybe they just had a baby and they're all hormonal, right," Lindhorst said. "Being able to empower them by simply telling them a color that looks better on them I think is the best gift ever."

And a tip for anyone looking to up their style, Lindhorst said that true red compliments everyone.