MADISON, Neb. -- After meeting with the county attorney at a special meeting at the end of August, Madison’s city council president alleges employee misconduct continues after the special meeting.

In a nearly four-hour meeting, the last hour was spent in executive session discussing an item on the agenda about employee misconduct.

According to Kellen, the misconduct deals with an employee continuing to use city property and resources on city time.

“We still got people doing work on personal property during city time with city equipment,” Kellen said. “That’s what it’s about still. It’s still going on.”

Kellen’s claim comes after utilities superintendent Jim Lewis was sent a complaint by Nebraska State Auditor Mike Foley in May.

Since the auditor’s report, Lewis had charges brought against him by the state of felony theft and tampering with a witness.

During the council meeting, Kellen added how the city needed to protect its employees during the court case.

“Our office staff coming in a couple months ago and begging for our support and they still haven’t gotten it until [county attorney] Joe [Smith] come in," Kellen said. "They actually had to talk to Joe…they called Joe into their office saying, ‘We are still getting this after Joe took the case.'"

Kellen also alleged falsehoods on an employee grievance filed against him.

The city council agreed the members should refrain from talking about the restitution given to Lewis until the court case is resolved.